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  Why the fuss about all this philosophical nonsense in the first place? Why not stick to the so called practical application of political science in its most common sense? 

Because we believe that  true political discourse and the most honest kind of democracy possible requires a dedicated  examination of the revolutionary philosophic ideals that form the foundation of our political systems and our very way of common life as Americans. 

Coming Soon:

"A Brief Primer on Montesquieu and Laws" 

"Capitalists, Confucians, and Colbert:  A comparative  look at the economics of 16th Century Europe and Asia"

"The Politics Of Sin: Looking for Common Ground in the Old and New Testaments"

"Lenin's Treatment of Marx"

"Marx, Lenin, and Mao:  A Dialectic Dilemma"

"American Nationalism in The Maine Crisis and Spanish-American War"







The Enlightenment

The movement that created the modern world.  Read essays on Hobbes, Locke, Bacon, Descartes and others, bearing in mind their contributions to modern political thought and the inherent problems with their dogmatic deconstruction of the ancien regime.


The Existential Crisis of Liberal Democracy


The problems with basing a political community on a dogmatic cynicism and relative morality, and ways to remedy the situation. How is a liberal democracy truly able to hold its people accountable and legitimate it's laws in the absence of objective morality and truth? 


The Postmodern Dilemma


Is relativism the answer?  This section explores Nietzsche's treatment of the relativism, nihilism, and mediocrity  the dysfunctional aspects of liberal democracy can create and  what he poses as the answer to greatest challenge mankind now faces.



The economic and institutional changes necessary to sustaining our democratic experiment.  In short, an exploration of the philosophic undercurrents of our system and what they mean practically today.


Do you believe that most Americans canít achieve educational, economic, or professional success without the apparatus of big government rearing its head at every turn? Do you believe that as a people we need big government to make the world a fairer, friendlier place?  

Limited Government in the classical understanding

A Case for The American Dream