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"modernity with a twist"

Thank you for logging on to The Cocca Report, your online   source for  cutting edge commentary on the important issues of our day. Whether you're looking for information on national candidates or a primer on modern political philosophy, you'll find it all here.  We're dedicated to bring you a fresh, unabashed look at the world through eyes unfettered by the politics of larger media outlets and with copy written by a group of emerging young leaders and scholars from across the country.  Please do check back often for updates and information. Thank your for taking the time to learn more about our site. The web has the potential to become the ultimate communications and information equalizer, and we welcome your opinion to our unique mix of political, social, and philosophic commentary.  Sign our guest book or send a work of your own for consideration.  Above all, whether through this site or any other, stay informed, press further, know deeper and do more. For all of us here, thanks again.


Chris Cocca, Editor-in-Chief 





politics- if you're tired of "politics as usual" and want resent having your politics forced upon you by the power brokers of Washington and in the mainstream media, you've come to the right place.

political philosophy
-the very foundation of our way of life and the beliefs that unite our lives as individuals in a free society.  All to often overlooked by even the most active of voters, here you'll find all the information you need to make responsible choices in your daily political life.

international- news and notes from students studying abroad.